The Alabama Skeet Shooting Association (ASSA) promotes skeet shooting in the State of Alabama.

The ASSA consists of active skeet shooting clubs across the state.  The ASSA is recognized by the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) as the Official Alabama Skeet Shooting Organization.

We are an organization dedicated to serving you, the residents of this fine state.   The ASSA was formed to promote the sport of skeet shooting in the state of Alabama under the auspices of the National Skeet Shooting Association and to:

  • Increase friendship and good will among the shooters;
  • Foster friendly competition;
  • Increase the knowledge of shotguns and their safe and proper handling;
  • Guide, encourage and assist in the organization of skeet clubs in the State of Alabama;
  • Strengthen those clubs already organized by increasing interest in skeet shooting;
  • Standardize policies and plans for tournament shooting;
  • Provide a sponsoring and governing body for the annual State Skeet Championships.

The ASSA is a not for profit association that exists for the benefit of its members.  All residents of Alabama are automatically members of ASSA by virtue of their residency. There are no membership fees to belong to the ASSA, only an interest in skeet shooting and the will to support the goals of the organization. Our members are our most important asset.  Although competition is important to us, we love getting to socialize with our friends just as much.  I think you would have a hard time finding any other sport where your competitor encourages you to work hard to beat them.  

The ASSA sponsors the annual Alabama Skeet Championships at various locations throughout the state. The annual shoot is currently conducted in either the central or southern portion of the state on a rotational basis:  Red Eagle Gun Club, Childersburg, AL., or Fort Rucker Skeet & Trap Club, Fort Rucker, AL.  It is our hope to add another shooting facility in the northern portion of the state in the near future.

As a member of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), the Alabama Skeet Shooting Association is the governing body over the sport of skeet within the state of Alabama.  Our primary mission is to promote and grow the sport of skeet through education and introducing our sport to our youth and other adult shooters interested in learning the sport of clay target shooting.

Additionally ASSA, as the voice of the skeet shooter, conveys to the NSSA the wishes and opinions of rank and file skeet shooters in the long term interest, promotion and enjoyment of the sport. We encourage all interested persons to submit opinions, suggestions or any other information that relates to the sport of skeet shooting in Alabama that is informative and constructive.