The ASSA Frazier Award

The Frazier Award may be presented annually to an individual who has been a major contributor to skeet shooting and the ASSA in ways other than for their shooting skills. A Frazier award will be presented for each year that qualified nominations are approved by the HOF committee.

The Award recipient is selected based on sustained contributions to the promotion and conduct of skeet at the local, State, Zone and National levels.

The award is named in honor of one of ASSA’S former member and competitor, Mr. Jimmy Conrad Frazier, who in addition to his skeet shooting skills made significant contributions to the ASSA and to the sport. Mr. Frazier served as state President, national Director, NSSA Executive Committee and was being groomed for service as NSSA President before his death in the early 2000’s.

The nominee shall have participated and promoted the sport of skeet for at least ten years as an NSSA member, shooter and performance of administrative duties. Key qualifications may include but not be limited to:

Offices held at the state, zone and national levels

Shoot administration at all levels

Contributed to at least 10 Alabama State Shoots

Championship Shoot roles such as: chief referee, awards chairman/presentation,

Development of Youth programs

Publicity promotions; Newspapers, Television

Fund raising for skeet awards and door prizes

Shooter assistance on the field and administrative

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Alabama State Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame

The Alabama state skeet shooting hall of fame provides for the selection and honoring of state residents who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of shooting proficiency in the sport of skeet shooting and/or by major contributions to the promotion and welfare of the sport

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