President  —  Doug Brown

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President, ASSA Inc.

I started shooting skeet casually in 2013 at the Ft Rucker Skeet and Trap Club as a “something to do in retirement’. After a few years of shooting, the president of the club, Ralph Aaron, suggested that I join the NSSA and shoot in a tournament. In 2017 I shot my first tournament with a borrowed shotgun, my shotgun was sent off to Briley for tubes, and broke my first 25 straight. I was squadded with some folks I have never heard of or shot with, some guy named Mike Schmidt and a Lady named Debbi Pickens, amazing to me was that they seemed to not miss any targets that I recall, I was just trying too keep up with the squad. That was my intro into competitive skeet shooting. Been shooting registered targets ever since……….

It is an honor and high privilege to serve as the President of the ASSA. My goals are simple;

  • To grow our sport across the state and region
  • Promote skeet events for all our clubs and organizations
  • Update our digital foot print and social media presence.
  • Keep all our members informed on upcoming events and changes that affect our sport.
  • Update our constitution and by-laws
  • Share with the world what skeet shooting in Alabama is all about.

I may not get it right 100% of the time, but I will work diligently within the best interest of the organization in a way that benefits all members!  Our sport is suffering from a significant decline in participation and unfortunately our long time dedicated and passionate membership is getting older. It is imperative that we bring new shooters into the sport. If you have the time and resources, become a certified NSSA skeet instructor and volunteer at a High School team, church youth shooting program, College or civic organization.

Along with each of you, my efforts will be directed towards rebuilding the club base and encouraging new participants in the sport of skeet shooting. See you on the skeet filed.

Vice President — Clay Goddin

NSSA State Director

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-Retired business owner in the construction industry
-Shoot Manager at Headland Skeet and Gun Club
-Certified NSSA Referee – Level 1 NSSA Instructor
-Assistant Coach for Bethel Christian Academy skeet Team
-Member of NSSA with 7 continuous years of skeet shooting

My love of skeet shooting led me to serve as State Director on the NSSA board.

Comments/Questions/Concerns may be sent to me @ [email protected]

Comments/Questions/Concerns may be sent to me @ [email protected]

Treasurer  —  Michael DeAngelo

NSSA State Director

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(Email) [email protected]

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your State Treasurer and NSSA State Director! I am an NSSA Life Member and have been shooting Skeet for over
During my traveling to compete at different skeet clubs, I have learned that it takes a large amount of support from local club members to make this sport a success.
Skeet shooting is a wonderful sport and we need to share it with everyone we come into contact with. Everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens (and all those between)! These people need to be invited to become involved in this sport; to learn about their local clubs; and understand their State Association.
My goal is to encourage each and every one of us to introduce at least one NEW individual to the sport of skeet shooting; serve as their mentor; coach; cheerleader, whatever it takes to bring new participants to the field!
If you have any ideas to share, or need additional information or assistance, please call or text me!  

Secretary  —  Charlene Bertus

Email  – [email protected]

-My shooting “career” began when I was about 10 years old (around 1969) at Pine Bluff Gun Club on top of Keel Mountain in Gurley. This club no longer exists but i have many happy memories. I shot later at Big Oak Skeet and Trap in Morgan County. This club was run by BK Smith and his wife Betty. I started competing as a sub junior and was fortunate enough to shoot in various events until I stopped to start college in 1977. The collegiate and youth shooting programs were not around so the youth today are very fortunate to be able to have that option available to join a collegiate team. Way down the road after marriage, kids, and the death of my husband, marriage of my kids and 3 of my grandchildren being born, I was drawn back to skeet when i saw a story about Lane Merritt on our web page at work. I contacted him and he introduced me to the crew at Mars Gun Club on Redstone Arsenal. I got back into the sport and met and shot with so many wonderful people! I don’t know how many targets i shot from 1969 – 1977, but I have registered 25,000 since I started shooting registered targets. I am no longer able to shoot, but I will always have some great memories.

Chief Referee — Mel Yanda

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-I first shot skeet at the Ft. Rucker skeet range in 1969. My first registered targets were shot at the River Bend Gun Club in Georgia at the suggestion of Ernie Wilkins in 1971. Later I shot some skeet in Vietnam at the Long Binh skeet range in 1971 and 1972. After the first few years of skeet shooting I only shot on occasion until 2017 when I began to shoot at the Ft Rucker skeet club. Since then I have shot a little over 30,000 registered targets.

-The Referee Test is available from either the NSSA and the ASSA website.   For those who are interested in becoming a Certified Referee you only need to take the test and complete the application form!  You can then email the documents to me ([email protected]) and I will grade the test and sign off on the application.   The completed application will then be sent to NSSA with a $10.00 handling fee and the process is done!   If you have questions, feel free to ask me at  [email protected]  Go to the Referee Resources Page for all links,

NOTE: The Registration is now good for a THREE YEAR Period!

2023-2024 NSSA Directors Election Results
June 2, 2022 By Sherry Kerr

Results have been finalized for the 2023-2024 NSSA Board of Directors election that concluded May 31. New Directors will assume their new roles on January 1, 2023, serving through December 31, 2024.


Michael DeAngelo
Ronald Ausman
Clay Goddin

Their Term of Office is 1 January 2023 through 31 December 2024